201-C Combination pH Electrode, BNC Connector

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For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at info@scilogex.com
For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at info@scilogex.com

Product Description:

  • The economical choice of a reliable combination pH Electrode/Sensor/Tester

  • Apera's proprietary low-impedance lithium glass membrane

  • Equipped with a detachable probe storage cap, keeping the sensor hydrated when not in use.

  • Gel KCL electrolyte adopted; No need for refilling.

  • 6-Month Warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments

Apera Instruments 201-C Combination pH Electrode is an economical choice for a reliable combination pH electrode, designed for general water solutions' pH measurement in scientific research, environmental monitoring, and quality control. 

Not suitable for testing in low-ion concentration solutions (e.g.: deionized water or distilled water), strong base and strong acid solutions, highly corrosive liquid, or for continuous testing in high-temperature solutions (>140°F). 

Compatible with any pH meters that use BNC connectors. Temperature sensor is not built-in. Users need to have a separate temperature probe to enable ATC or manually input temperature to complete temperature compensation. 

Product Specifications:

  • Range: 0 to 14 pH, 0 - 80°C (32-176°F)

  • Housing: Polycarbonate

  • Junction: Single Ceramic

  • Reference Electrode: Ag/AgCl

  • Connector: BNC

  • Cable: 3 ft. 

  • Size: ø12*160 mm

  • Temperature unit: N/A

Additional Resources and Information:

  201-C User Manual

201-C Combination pH Electrode, BNC Connector


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