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A waste-free, hassle-free bottletop dispenser

The SCI-Spense2 allows more labs to eliminate reagent waste
Your lab works with expensive chemicals. Naturally, you don’t want to waste them.

Your time and energy is valuable, too. You don’t want to waste those either.

The new premium SCI-Spense2 Bottletop Dispenser is your solution.

Upgrades to this flagship bottletop dispenser mean not an ounce of your precious reagents go to waste. When you calculate your savings, you’ll make your primary dispenser.

Get to know your new bottletop dispenser! The SCI-Spense2…

  • primes internally, so your chemicals are never exposed to air or light until you’re ready to use them. 

  • doesn’t drip, so no chemicals go to waste when you’re away from your workstation.

  • is easier to clean than any other model on the market. Just twist, rinse, and put it back on. 

Reagent recirculation

The priming liquid stays in the bottle (so no valuable chemicals are wasted in the process). You don’t have to worry about chemicals spoiling once they come into contact with air or light, and no longer have to pour dangerous reagents back manually after priming.

The anti-drip tap

This tap is engineered to completely eliminate drips that can come after dispensing reagents and moving away from your workstation. Combined with reagent recirculation, it gives 100% protection against common reagent waste.

Cleaning is easier (and safer) than ever before

Clogs happen. The SCI-Spense2’s user-friendly, removable plunger makes it super easy to clean. Just twist, rinse, and put it back on.

And it’s priced more competitively than any other bottletop dispenser with similar premium features. With volume pricing available on large orders, your team - and your finance department - will be delighted with the upgrade!

It’s no wonder this stress-free, waste-free, hassle-free bottletop dispenser is flying off the shelves!

Place your order for the SCI-Spense2 today.

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