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Building a new workstation with a complete set of pipettors for new staff or students can be more affordable when you use these.

These Pipettor Kits are Hot!

When you outfit a new lab bench with a set of single channel variable pipettors, let’s say a 0.5-10µl, 2-20µl, 20-200µl,100-1000µl, and a stand, it might cost you $800 or so.

We just launched a series of pipettor kits so you can outfit that lab bench with those pipettors for $300. 

You won’t find better value for new staff and students who are notoriously hard on everything on their bench.

You can find those two hot kits below.

Click here to save over 50% on pipettors

Get premium kits for huge savings too

Need premium pipettors? There are two SuperPette kits for that. You’ll save 48% over purchasing individually. 

Get yours with a linear or carousel stand here

Save more than 50% on autoclavable pipettors in a kit

The MicroPette Plus is fully autoclavable at 121°C, and comes at a > 50% discount when you opt for one of the 4-piece-plus-stand kits.

Save more than 50% on your autoclavable pipettor kit

Go easy on your budget. Because they won’t.

The three series of kits above are the best tricks you can use to set up lab benches on a budget.

Your budget means very little to students and new employees in the lab. 

This is how you accept that and move forward productively. 

You can even trade in your old pipettors for a little something extra too.

Trade in your old pipettors here

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