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Celebrate super science teachers. 👨🏻‍🔬

Great deals sitewide to get the most out of your departmental budget.

Every day, science teachers all over the country strive to become better.

You revise your lesson plans constantly. You dig for new ways to engage your students. You get your students to believe in themselves as much as you believe in them.

That’s what makes you a super science teacher. 

But teaching with dated equipment and tight departmental budgets caps your teaching sometimes. 

When your tools don’t support your plans and lack features for modern engagement, you and your students feel stifled. 

Upgrade the arsenals for your classroom with great deals on all benchtop equipment at Scilogex during our Super Science Teacher Sale.

LED Digital Orbital Shaker

This orbital shaker features double LED displays for time and speed, allowing for continuous or timed operation. 

SuperPette Autoclavable Pipettors

The excellent ergonomic and ultralight design of our new SuperPette provides an effortless, ergonomic, accurate, and precise pipetting experience.

EZee Mini-Centrifuge

This mini centrifuge is compact and perfect for giving PCR and microtubes a quick spin.

LED Digital Overhead Stirrer

With the actual speed digitally displayed, this overhead stirrer makes getting precise results super easy.

Be the best in the department by setting up your students for success.

Grab yours today while it lasts

When you add units to your online cart, new pricing levels are automatically available at 5+, 10+, and 25+ units depending on the product. 

So before you place your online order, add a few more to your cart to see if the next volume pricing level gives you better value when it updates in real-time. 

Try out the new system for online distributor ordering and real-time volume pricing today, and let us know what you think.

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A waste-free, hassle-free bottletop dispenser
The SCI-Spense2 allows more labs to eliminate reagent waste