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Science glimmered as a ray of hope in uncertain times. 

And though we may feel like we live in a rare moment, siphoned off from the rest of reality, science always pulled us out of the pits. 

Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine ever after smallpox ravaged Europe in the 18th century.

The Apollo 11 team touched the moon and came back after years of war and national economic turmoil. 

Science always showed us that with the right tools, humanity could accomplish anything.

As we get back to school, we get back to science. We ask questions about what could be. We experiment with ways to surpass what is.

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LED Digital Orbital Shaker

This orbital shaker features double LED displays for time and speed, allowing for continuous or timed operation. 

Rotary Evaporator, Vertical Coiled Condenser

The digital display allows for optimal control of both rotation speed and heating temperature. 

EZee Mini-Centrifuge

This mini centrifuge is compact and perfect for giving PCR and microtubes a quick spin.

LED Digital Overhead Stirrer 

With the actual speed digitally displayed, this overhead stirrer makes getting precise results easy. 

SCIVac Vacuum Aspirator

Widely used in cell culture and DNA extraction labs, this vacuum consists of all the features to ensure smooth liquid separation and recovery with 1mL/S to 15mL/ S aspiration speed.

SCILOGEX SuperPette Autoclavable Pipettors

The excellent ergonomic and ultralight design of our new SuperPette provides an effortless, ergonomic, accurate, and precise pipetting experience.

Pipette Controllers

The easy-to-use one-handed controls for filling and delivery make this the perfect syringe-style pipetting device for students. 

SCI280-Pro Circular-top LED Digital Hotplate Stirrer 

This stirrer is ideal for small volume tasks in student labs, whether you need to heat or stir your samples or complete both functions together. 

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Get back to school and get back to science.

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