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Scilogex supplies a number of high-quality overhead stirrers, rotary evaporators, and hotplate stirrers to labs in the cannabis market. Whether you need a unit for cannabis testing, butane extraction, ethanol extraction, carbon dioxide extraction,mixing terpenes with distillate, or producing cannabis oil, we guarantee that you will only be receiving products that provide effective results which will contribute to achieving your extraction and distillation goals.

Check out our selection of cannabis lab equipment including rotary evaporators, magnetic hotplate stirrers, overhead stirrers, and accessories for your cannabis application below.

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary Evaporators

Scilogex rotary evaporators are common instruments in cannabis processing. These are built with several components that play specific functions for efficient removal of solvents from samples through evaporation and for effective removal of ethanol through distillation process. Depending on your requirements for equipment, Scilogex rotary evaporators come in two different types. We have units that are designed with a vertical coil condenser and a vertical dry-ice condenser which both have a temperature range of ambient to 180 °C and feature a large 5L water/oil heating bath.

Overhead Stirrers

Overhead Stirrers

Scilogex overhead stirrers are engineered for mixing solutions with high viscosity levels. Whether you will be working on terpene or cannabinoid distribution or other cannabis testing applications, our overhead stirrers can initially mix and blend your samples thoroughly before it undergoes the emulsification process. Scilogex overhead stirrers are available in four different models which include a 20L capacity with LCD, 20L capacity with LED, 40L capacity with LCD, and a 40L capacity with LED. All units have a built in microprocessor that guarantees accurate control on speed and temperature.

Hotplate Stirrers

Hotplate Stirrers

Scilogex hotplate stirrers are usually seen in biology and chemistry laboratories. However they also work well in cannabis applications like decarboxylation, purging ethanol from cannabis oil, taking out residual alcohol, or even in removing ethanol after winterizing. Scilogex hotplate stirrers are chemical resistant and are equipped with electronic speed control, durable plate and body construction, and a strong magnetism to effectively stir less viscous liquid sample in the laboratory.

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