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Scilogex Electronic Pipettors and Pipettes

Want a smart pipette or pipettor at the lab? Look no further than the iPette, our line of multifunction, single-channel electronic pipettes. It has the same reliable functions of a manual pipette, with an added smart feature for higher accuracy and better performance. The iPette comes with:

  • A digital display, which shows the volume range parameter, unit, and three modes (pipetting mode, dispensing mode, and diluting mode.)

  • It even shows the sound settings, the battery power status, and the indicator.

Available in 4 fully adjustable volume sizes. Now that's a smart pipette.

Achieve accurate and precise liquid sample measurement by investing in the right pipette for your workroom. View our FREE Pipette Purchasing Guide today. View The Guide.

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Scilogex only guarantees quality and excellence. Serving laboratories for all areas of research for many years already, we offer a wide range of innovative benchtop equipment designed to meet requirements and budget of virtually any laboratory. Operate at your highest level of efficiency with our advanced line of liquid handling and laboratory products manufactured by our partners in ISO90001 facilities and are UL approved with cTUVus and cSAus certifications.

Always customer-focused, we make sure our patrons are given the best deals, warranties, and customer service in the market. Trust our laboratory experts to provide not just exceptional pre-purchase support but also unparalleled product recommendations.

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