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Mixing is an essential part of every laboratory application but with so many models and types to choose from, it can be a confusing process to shop around for one. How can you be sure you're purchasing the right stirring equipment?

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What’s In Store for You

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Understanding Your Application Requirements

Each facility will have its own set of different application requirements. Your future magnetic stirrer needs to meet your experiment requirements and not the other way around. Browse through our list of common application requirements and their corresponding recommended magnetic stirrer types.  

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Learn About the Different Magnetic Stirrer Types

Magnetic stirrers don't just come in one type. This guide discusses the 4 most popular kinds and describes the uses for each one so you make a more confident choice when it comes to your next magnetic stirrer.  

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Check out Recommended Magnetic Stirrers for All Areas of Research

Get a list of expert-recommended magnetic stirrer options for your specific lab application as well as features to optimize your workflow and productivity. 

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Getting Equipment That Can Handle The Heat

Day-to-day laboratory procedures and application requirements make a huge difference in the features that would be deemed "essential" in your next magnetic stirrer, including whether or not your stirrer needs to have heating capabilities. Check out our section on heating-related applications.

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Making Considerations for Liquid Volume and Viscosity

Whether you're working on small experiments with small sample volumes or larger, more rigorous applications with thicker liquids, our guide includes capacity recommendations for workloads at any range. 

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Other Building Blocks of Success

Many shoppers tend to overlook the smaller details when shopping around for new equipment. Luckily, our experts have rounded up these other features and factors to consider in a convenient list for you to keep around while you shop for your next magnetic stirrer. 

Product Suggestions

Acquire information, recommendation and tips on the ideal magnetic stirrer for efficient laboratory protocols. Make smart purchasing decisions today!


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