Scilogex Microcentrifuges

Scilogex Microcentrifuges and Refrigerated Microcentrifuges are compact and powerful high-speed centrifuges used in physical and chemistry analysis, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, clinical Labs and blood donation centers, and is ideal for high-end research applications including:

  • Sedimentation of cells and viruses

  • Separation of sub-cellular organelles

  • Isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins or lipids

Need help in choosing the right microcentrifuge to segregate your heterogenous solid and liquid mixtures? Get a FREE copy of our Microcentrifuge Purchasing Guide and get tips on:

  • What key points to consider before purchasing a microcentrifuge unit

  • Various sample tube types and formats microcentrifuges can accommodate

  • How to ensure lab safety and proper maintenance of lab microcentrifuge

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