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Scilogex MicroPette and MicroPette Plus pipettors offer uncompromising levels of accuracy and precision in the laboratory.  

Our MicroPette pipettors are lightweight and ergonomically designed for greater comfort in cases of repeated use, while our multi-channel pipettors incorporate a head that is able to rotate through 360° for even greater user comfort. All Scilogex pipettors incorporate a clear digital display to further improve ease of use. Unlike some other models, our pipettors can all be used with universal pipette tips for greater convenience and to reduce overall running costs. Scilogex pipettors are also easy to calibrate and maintain in full working order with a specially-designed tool that is supplied with each instrument.

Our MicroPette Plus single-channel pipettors are fully autoclavable at temperatures up to 121 °C for complete peace-of-mind during sterilization, and are supplied with an integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes. Our multi-channel pipettors offer a staggered tip ejector for easy tip ejection. Our pipettors are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 0.1–10000μl in single-channel pipettors and from 0.5–300μl in our multi-channel instruments. A full range of accessories is available for all Scilogex pipettors.

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