Current Promotions

Scilogex often runs promotions on various products throughout the year. Please check back frequently for our latest offers. These promotions are valid only in the USA and Canada.

Purchase the Scilogex SCI40-Pro (40L) or SCI20-Pro (20L) digital overhead stirrer and get a complimentary stand and steel cross stirrer

Get a free block when you purchase the Scilogex SCI120-S led digital dry-bath

Shop the Scilogex SCI-O180-PRO digital orbital shaker today and receive a complimentary universal platform

Score a universal platform for free when you buy the Scilogex SCI-O330-PRO digital orbital shaker

Order the Scilogex SCI-L180-PRO digital linear shaker and claim a universal platform for free

Purchase the Scilogex SCI-L330-PRO digital linear shaker and receive a free platform

Claim a steel cross stirrer for free when you order the SCI20-S (20L) led digital overhead stirrer today

Receive a steel-cross stirrer and overhead stirrer for free when you shop the Scilogex SCI40-S (40L) led digital overhead stirrer

Purchase the Scilogex SCI40-pro (40L) digital overhead stirrer and get a complimentary stand and steel cross stirrer

Order the Scilogex SCI-12 high speed personal micro-centrifuge today and get a free single-channel pipettor

Receive a free mini-centrifuge when you order the Scilogex SCI24 high speed micro-centrifuge today

Buy the Scilogex SCI636 multi-purpose low speed centrifuge and claim a rotor for free

Shop the Scilogex SCI-110HC-PRO digital thermal dry-bath and choose your free block at checkout

Scilogex SCI-HCM100-PRO digital thermal mixer choose your free block at checkout when you purchase sci-hm100-pro digital mixer

Purchase 4 Scilogex SCI-Spense bottletop dispenser, 0.5-50ml and get a 5th one for free!

Buy 4 Scilogex SCI-PET manual pipette fillers and receive your 5th one for free

Shop 2 Scilogex SCI-Fill motorized pipette fillers and get a complimentary sci-pet manual pipette filler

For more great deals, check out the CLEARANCE SALES!

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