SCILOGEX dTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette

Cat. No. 731301059999

This product is discontinued. It is replaced by SCILOGEX iTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette.

For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at
For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at

dTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette:

The dTrite Bottletop Burette provides accurate, precise, safe and convenient bottletop titration. Titrations from 0.01ml to 99.99ml are simply controlled by the touch screen display module. A magnetic stirrer is included in the package which connects to the TFT display module via USB, providing excellent mixing during the titration. Choose from either the fixed position titrating nozzle or the included adjustable titrating nozzle with flexible tube. A recirculation feature minimizes waste when priming. A corded remote control is also included. 

The dTrite is totally portable and can be recharged in 4 hours providing approximately 5 hours usage. Altenatively the power adapter can be used for uninterrupted use.

dTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette Features:

  • High quality stepper motor provides smooth and accurate titrations
  • Recirculation feature minimizes waste when priming
  • Comes with magnetic stirrer base and 20 x 5mm stir bar
  • TFT display module for simple control.
  • Can be used with integral rechargeable battery power or AC power.
  • Comes with corded remote control 
  • Comes with adjustable titrating nozzle with flexible tube and stand
  • Comes with adapters (GL25, GL28, GL32, GL38 & S40mm) to fit all common lab bottles

 Please check our chemical compatibility guide 

Not for use with essential oils or viscous liquids. Maximum viscosity is: <50mm2/s / 50cP.

dTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette Specifications:

Volume range : 0.01 to 99.99ml
Max. piston capacity : 10ml
Accuracy  : +/- 0.2%
Precision : +/- 0.07%
Increments : 0.01ml
Battery : 4000mA/h 5 hours use from full charge
Weight : 2lbs
Voltage : 110-240V, 50/60Hz

TFT Display. Magnetic stirrer

 The dTrite comes with a programable TFT control display and an integral magnetic stirrer 

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Flexible titrate nozzle & stand

The dTrite burette comes with a flexible dispense nozzle and nozzle stand. The stand screws into the display module. Alternatively, the standard dispense nozzle can be used as seen above



SCILOGEX dTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burette

1 Year Warranty
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