SCILOGEX GELSmart Gel Portable Imaging System

Cat. No. 4020009999

This product is discontinued. It is replaced by SCILOGEX FASTgel Gel Portable Imaging System.

For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at
For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at

The GELSmart gel imaging system can be used for qualitative analysis of nucleic acid and protein in purification and /or separation application, or colony counting application.


Functions & Applications

GELSmart facilitates fast access to acquire high-quality images of electrophoresis gel or transfer membrane for analysis using a smartphone or tablet. With epi-blue instead of ultraviolet light source, GELSmart is able to safely and efficiently visualize stained DNA signals after gel electrophoresis. In addition, Coomassie blue-stained SDS-PAGE and colony dishes can be observed with the light plate mounted on the GELSmart. Optionally you can control the complete imaging system via an app on your smartphone or tablet.



• Compact foot print with a field of 10×10cm
• Simple operation of experiments and quick acquisition of results
• Epi-blue light diminishes UV exposure to lab personnel and DNA damage in the sample
• Adjustable epi-blue light source emits light with high intensity and minimum heat for better light control
• Filter holders can accommodate most popular smartphones/tablets
• Optional light-weight smartphone app


  • Specifications:
Model GELSmart
Light Source 470nm epi blue light
White Light Plate  Yes
Filter Protective Shield Amber, using when observing or cutting gels
Viewing Area 10 x 10cm
Compatible Dye

DNA: ECO Safe, SYBR Safe, GelGreen

Protein: Lightning Red, Silver/ Coomassie blue, SYPRO Ruby

Light Source (L x W x H) 216 x 168 x 54 mm
Light Source Cover (L x W x H) 211 x 161 x 108 mm
Total Size (L x W x H)  216 x 168 x 128 mm
Weight 1.2 Kg
Power Supply 12V / 1.5A AC power adapter, US Plug
Tare Range Full capacity by subtraction
Optional app for Android 4.4 and above or iOS9.0 and above

SCILOGEX GELSmart Gel Portable Imaging System

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