SCILOGEX MX-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator

Cat. No. 824220019999

This product is discontinued. It is replaced by SCILOGEX SCI-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator.

For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at
For more information please call +1 (860) 436-9221
or email us at

MX-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator: 

The MX-RL-E provides a gentle but effective mixing of biological samples in 1.5ml to 50ml micro tubes, used in a variety of applications including immune precipitations, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics etc. Not recommended for extended use in incubators or cold rooms.


MX-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator features:


  • Compact bench saving design
  • Circular rotating action, gives gentle but effective mixing
  • Adjustable speed range of 10 to 80rpm
  • Comes with rotisserie and 36ea 1.5/2.0ml & 12ea 15 & 50ml centrifuge tube clamps
  • Cold room and incubator compatible


MX-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator Specifications:  

Speed range : 10 - 80rpm
Tilt Angle : 90°
Rotisserie tube capacity : 1.5ml x 48 / 15ml x 16 / 50ml x 8
Operating temp. range : 5 - 40°C
Overall dimensions : 21"L x 6"W x 8"H
 Weight : 6Lbs
 Electrical supply : 100-220V, 50/60Hz

SCILOGEX MX-RL-E Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator

2 Year Warranty
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