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SCILOGEX VS20 WAVE Maxi Vertical Electrophoresis Equipment


The new VS20 €˜WAVE€™ Maxi System is our latest product innovation for large format
vertical gel electrophoresis. Designed to perform a variety of separations, including first and
second-dimension SDS-PAGE, native, preparative, gradient and high-resolution nucleic
acid electrophoresis, plus capillary tube gel IEF and electroblotting, the VS20 WAVE is one of
the most versatile maxi vertical systems available.

By introducing innovative, new vertical screw-clamp technology within the PAGE insert only
four screws are now necessary to secure as many 20x20cm gels. This gives the VS20 WAVE
Maxi the selective advantage of a much faster set up speed compared to competitor products
whose traditional clamping configurations require as many as 24 screws to secure just two
glass plates. In addition, the WAVE€™s vertical screw-clamp configuration distributes pressure
evenly along the height of the gel rather than in the center to eliminate plate bowing and gel
compression, but still maintains a leak-proof seal during casting; while the ergonomic wave-like
design of the PAGE insert aids both handling and set up.

Whatever your requirements are the WAVE can be made to meet them. Regardless of whether
it is running 2 or 4 gels, electroblotting, and IEF using capillary tube gels or IPG strips, all of
these techniques may be performed using the same omni-purpose unit while retaining the
benefits of large format electrophoresis, such as extended separation distances, greater sample
throughput and superior resolution.
Versatility and Adaptability

€¢ More Gels €“ run 2-4 gels simultaneously in standard 2-gel WAVE and 4-gel WAVE TETRAD
€¢ Customize your system €“ for second-dimension runs with 18cm IPG strips and gels using
the IEF conversion kit
€¢ Utilize modular inserts €“ with the same universal tank and lid to extend the application of
your standard WAVE unit to create a complete 2-D or blotting system:
€¢ WAVEC2DS with capillary tube gel insert for 2-D electrophoresis
€¢ WAVECBS and WAVETETRAD-CBS for 2- and 4-gel electroblotting
Reproducible Separations
€¢ Vertical screw-clamps distribute pressure evenly along the height of the gel to prevent plate
bowing and gel compression
€¢ Glass plates compress gently against a flat, level gasket to prevent current leakage from the
inner buffer chamber during electrophoresis
€¢ Detachable inner cooling coil connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating
chiller to provide uniform, smile-free electrophoresis, while allowing runs to be performed at
higher voltage
€¢ Deep gel tank with adequate clearance beneath the glass plates to allow a magnetic stirrer
to maintain buffer recirculation and uniform pH.
Casting Advantages

€¢ Dual purpose PAGE insert eliminates time-consuming transfer of glass plates between
separate casting and running modules
€¢ Ground glass plates with bonded injection moulded spacers consistent with comb thickness
ensure €˜clean€™ well formation, as well as the correct alignment for leak-free casting; also
eliminate the need for easily mislaid and awkward to use spacer aligners
€¢ Very forgiving, ultra-soft silicone mat within cam-caster compensates for glass plate
misalignment to ensure leak-free casting
Other Benefits
€¢ Notched glass plates with bonded spacers supplied with WAVETETRAD systems allow gel
capacity to be doubled from 2 to 4, while dummy plate allows single gels to be run
€¢ Bonded spacers and combs colour coded for thickness
€¢ Widest selection of combs allow separation of up to 192 samples
€¢ Robust 4-mm-thick glass plates
€¢ Asymmetric lid design and colour-coded screw pins in PAGE insert prevent polarity reversal
€¢ All parts injection moulded using durable industrial-grade plastic to guarantee longevity and
reliable and consistent performance

VS20 WAVE Maxi Specifications:


Number of gels 1-4 Total Volume Inner Buffer Chamber 640mL
Handcast gels Using VS20 glass plates and combs

Total buffer Volume for 2 gels

Total buffer volume for 4 gels



Plate dimensions,
Gel dimensions (w x h x t)
20 x 20 x 0.4cm Standard run time for SDS-PAGE:
Without Cooling
With Cooling





Standard Apacer Dimensions
2 x 20cm Recommended power supplies EV233 for IEF; CS-500V for PAGE; CS-3AMP for blotting
IPG Spacer Dimensions (w x h) 0.6 x 20cm Unit Dimensions (w x d x h)




MC = multichannel pipette compatible

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