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BrandTech 759165 Disposable UV-Cuvettes, Semi-Micro, Bulk Packaged; 500/Pk

Cat. No.

UV-cuvette,semi-micro(pk500)filling vol min(1.5mL)max(3.0mL)

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    Product Description

    Eliminate the need for cleaning, and the associated risk of sample carryover and cross-contamination. BRAND's UV-transparent, disposable cuvettes replace expensive, fragile quartz cuvettes and are excellent for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis between 230-900nm. Made from a proprietary polycyclical olefin, they can be used with most polar solvents, acids and alkaline solutions. In addition to the macro and semi-micro sizes, UV-cuvettes are available in ultra-micro sizes that require only 70µL of sample volume. The ultra-micro cuvettes are also available individually-wrapped and independently-certified DNA-, DNase-, RNase-free for an extra degree of sample protection. All BRAND cuvettes are manufactured from scratch-resistant materials, and are grouped by manufacturing mold cavity number to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient.

    Save time and money — replace your quartz cuvettes with this disposable alternative!

    • Eliminate the cross contamination, breakage, and washing involved with expensive quartz cuvettes
    • Better chemical resistance than PS or PMMA cuvettes
    • Fantastic for DNA, RNA and protein analyses from 230 to 900 nm

    Product Specifications

    Min Capacity (mL) 230
    Max Capacity (mL) 800
    Material Polymer
    Pathlength (mm) 10
    Length (in) 14.4
    Width (in) 8.1
    Height (in) 9
    Pack Qty. 500
    Origin DE
    Description UV-cuvette,semi-micro(pk500)filling vol min(1.5mL)max(3.0mL)
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