Scilogex Pipette Fillers / Controllers

The Scilogex Levo Plus motorized pipette filler is powerful, light weight and ergonomically designed for ease of use for extended periods of time, and incorporates comfortable, touch-sensitive triggers for fine speed control during aspiration and dispensing of solutions. The Levo Plus incorporates a powerful lithium-ion battery which provides around 8 hours of continuous use. The instrument can even be used while charging. An LCD display incorporated into the pipette filler shows the coarse speed setting as well as the remaining battery charge.

The Levo manual pipette filler replaces old fashioned bulbs and offers a well-designed combination of features for accuracy and ease of use. The controller consists of a bulb which is squeezed before operation, combined with thumb lever controls to both aspirate and dispense the solution conveniently and with speed. For additional accuracy, a central button ejects any remaining drops left in the pipette. The inside of the pipette controller is protected from contamination with any of the pipetted liquids by means of a replaceable 3-μm hydrophobic filter. The pipette controller is available in five distinct and striking colors, allowing pipettes to be easily differentiated at a glance.

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