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We use hand sanitizer for our hands, but how effective are your facility’s chemical disinfectants? Household disinfectants like household bleach don't stand a chance against a virus or pathogen on an environmental surface within a hospital or lab. While household cleaners and bleach take their time disinfecting surfaces, a Rely+On™ disinfectant only requires one product and one minute. 

Designed to work on hard and non-porous surfaces, Scilogex’s collection of chemical disinfectants promise hospital-grade broad-spectrum disinfection and decontamination. In environments that require a high volume of sanitizing and disinfecting, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and EMS facilities, Rely+On™ Virkon™ disinfectants protect patients and staff from harmful bacterium and microorganisms.

A Rely+On™ Virkon™ disinfectant isn't your typical disinfectant product or cleaning product. On top of being incredibly effective in sanitizing a hard surface, the tablet form of Rely+On™ Virkon™ disinfectants assures:

Lower storage and transportation costs due to tablet format.

Smaller required storage space in your facility.

Better value for your facility’s budget.

Swap out your bleach, sanitizer, or liquid cleaning product for a Rely+On™ Virkon™ surface disinfectant that eliminates COVID 19 virus and dangerous microorganisms on every hard environmental surface in your facility, making your surfaces ready for use again in just one minute.
10x10, 30L, up to 500°C. The Hotplate Stirrer you need.

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Scilogex only guarantees quality and excellence. Serving laboratories for all areas of research for many years already, we offer a wide range of innovative benchtop equipment designed to meet requirements and budget of virtually any laboratory. Operate at your highest level of efficiency with our advanced line of liquid handling and laboratory products manufactured by our partners in ISO90001 facilities and are UL approved with cTUVus and cSAus certifications.

Always customer-focused, we make sure our patrons are given the best deals, warranties, and customer service in the market. Trust our laboratory experts to provide not just exceptional pre-purchase support but also unparalleled product recommendations.

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