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EA 403 Relay Box

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EA 403 Relay Box

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    Product Description

    The AE 403 relay box is an add-on for AGB, AGF, Gladiator scales and AE 403 indicators. When installed, it allows the checkweighing limits to trigger a voltage relay. Once the trigger is set, the relay box will open or close a switch. This allows the scales to drive other items such as a motor for filling, or lights to signal the users. The relay box includes input for power to help drive the relays.

    Features and Benefits

    • 4 switches can be programed to operate with the checkweighing functions
    • Relays can be set up to drive 115/230VAC 1A or 24VDC 1A output
    • Input from user equipment can be accepted at 15-25VDC or 12-25VAC to power the relay circuit
    • Supplied with 12VDC 500mA adapter
    • Work with AE 402, Warrior, ABK and AFK models