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Pocket Drawer Organizers

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TrippNT's White Pocket Drawer Organizers sort and organize small items. They can be used as a tray or a drawer organizer. The rounded corners are easy to clean, smooth, and non-scratching. Made of high-impact styrene for strength and a full apron for transport. Ships Fully Assembled. All TrippNT products are made in the USA and come with a 100% Total Replacement Lifetime Guarantee.

  • 1 Rectangular Compartment | 2, 3, or 4 Equal Sized Deep Compartments
  • Can be Used as a Tray or a Drawer Organizer
  • Constructed from White Styrene
  • Sorts and Organizes Small Items

Additional Information 

  • Finish: Smooth, no rough or sharp edges
  • Material: 1/8” White Styrene
  • Product Weights:
    ◦ 50424 1 Pocket Drawer Organizer: 0.3 lbs
    ◦ 50159 2 Pocket Drawer Organizer: 0.3 lbs
    ◦ 50399 3 Pocket Drawer Organizer: 0.3 lbs
    ◦ 50180 4 Pocket Drawer Organizer: 0.3 lbs
  • Ships from: Kansas City, MO, US

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