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Product Features

  • Highly polished edges prevent chaffing, especially at the neck
  • Non-slip surface provides better footing and helps to calm animal. This is much safer and easier on the animal’s foot pads
  • Clear acrylic aids in retaining body warmth. Hypothermia is eliminated
  • Unique curved back butt plate minimizes the risk of back injury. The plate is anatomically correct.
  • Vertical head bars are adjustable and easily removable if not needed
  • Rear access hole for pyrogen testing (N/A on 501-TC)
  • Stainless steel pin offers several file adjustment points for neck plate
  • Unit can be sanitized in a cage washer up to 180 degrees F° (82°C) or sterilized chemically
  • Non-slip base pads ensure unit stability.

Product Specifications

Item No. Product Size Animal Range
501-TC 6" x 24"x 5" 4 to 7 kilos
502-AR 6" x 18"x 6" up to 4 kilos
503-XL 6" x 22"x 6.5" 4 to 7 kilos