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SCILOGEX Insulated All-Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks, no lids

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Product Description

These vacuum-insulated dewar flasks are made entirely of stainless steel and are designed specifically for those special applications where typical glass dewars can't be used. 

Lightweight and compact in 6 standard sizes from 0.5 liters to 6 liters capacity, these flasks are designed for low temperature and high temperature applications.

All models are supplied without lids. Models SCI1000 to SCI6000 each have a detachable steel handle (SCI500 does not have a handle). 

These flasks can be used for ultra-low or very high temperature applications. From the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to high temperature ovens of +300°C. For use in physics, chemistry and biological applications, cold traps, oil baths, water baths; for the storage or transporting frozen substances; for heat tempering or transporting high temperature objects, for medical study of frozen cells etc. The list of applications is endless.

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